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Order Goji Creamthe cost €49 in Portugal.

Goji Cream - effective anti-wrinkle cream

For many years, the beauties of all countries of the world have found the perfect recipe tool to help you effectively regenerate and moisturize the skin. And thanks to the knowledge that they have opened the component which is almost entirely slow down aging of the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and goji berries.

They have vitamin C, which, in them, to 500 times more than in orange, and the iron – to 15-times more than in spinach.
Goji berries

The deterioration of the quality of the skin with age

Do you know such a change?:

All these changes are in the face of "tired". But this ideal will help the anti-wrinkle cream - Goji Cream. The tool prevents the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to the enrichment of the skin on the areas of a wide range of vitamins, various trace elements and amino acids. The cream Goji Cream can be used as a night of care, and be used as a base under Your makeup. The main thing – the deep cleansing of the skin prior to its application, so that the pores are open to the penetration of all components. Buy the cream on the territory of Portugal low-cost, on the official website of the store.

The good cleaning prior to the application of the

The composition of the cream Goji Cream

In the composition Goji Cream only uses natural products and more effective drugs. Before coming out to the sale, all cosmetics has been subject to a dermatological control. This is why it is a tool recommends that most of the doctors. And after the daily use cosmetic treatments, gradually to eliminate the wrinkles, the skin is elastic, it recovers its color, everything disappears pigmentation. Order Goji Creamon the official website at a price of €49 (find out the cost in other countries) in Portugal.

What parts of the body are likely to change with age

We all want to stay the same and appealing to the youth. But over time, the skin is refined and becomes less flexible. As a result, it stretches, appear wrinkles and pigment spots.

The appearance of wrinkles

More prone to aging


The hands of one of the most open parts of the body, they are mobile and maximize exposure to sun and all kinds of household products. The age they give is not the worst of the wrinkles on the face or the neck. Scientists say that the damage caused by the sun is the biggest culprit of aging, therefore, do not overlook the sunscreen.


In his youth, the skin is smooth, so that in the body enough collagen and elastin, and fat on the face evenly distributed in all areas. But with age, the collagen is less, and the fat layer loses its volume. Because of this, the skin sags, and irregularities appear in the form of wrinkles.

The eyelids

When You age, Your eyelids stretch and the muscles that support them, are much lower. It's because of the structure of the skin around the eyes. There is almost no sebaceous glands, and it is very thin and delicate. If is not considered a surgical procedure, there are several ways to solve the problem, including drinking more water, more rest and eat foods with less salt.


Uv from the skin of the neck more exposed than the face. There, the more quickly the sun breaks down collagen and elastin, it is preferable to apply to the area of sunscreen with a high SPF, that ceases to close a scarf or a handkerchief. Because with the time off the skin on a lot more quickly loses moisture, and becomes dry, loses its elasticity and, therefore, leads to rapid ageing.

The elbows

On the elbows is a very thin skin, which requires treatment. Is it that a lot of people take care of the skin of the elbows as carefully as for the skin and hair? Fine and delicate, the skin is constantly exposed to movement, it stretches, it just is in a relaxed position, or rubs on clothing. It is therefore very important to monitor this area, lubricated regularly moisturizing creams and nourishing.

The hair

Even at the time when have not yet invented the wheel, the hair was regarded as one of the main factors of attraction. The peoples of all countries of the world have decorated their colors, have made headgear and as with any shaping to them. This reflects the status of the man. For most of the aging process is associated exclusively with the appearance of white hair on the hair, but actually signs much more: dryness, thinning, brittleness, loss, a dull colour, and many others said on this that Your loops into a new stage of life. The decision of this question must be addressed in a comprehensive way, but don't forget to take into account some states: endocrine pathology and the vitamin deficiency and psychological disorders. An excellent complement to the action and integrated measures will become a drug Goji Cream.

Advice of a doctor

The doctor Beautician Rodrigo Rodrigo
17 years
"We have conducted clinical trials of this product in Portugal. The results of the study allow to draw a conclusion about this breakthrough in cosmetology. No composition of a cosmetic product, not nourishes the skin as effectively how this makes the cream Goji Cream. This is why, in seeking safety for health, we can recommend it to the job."